A spill at the coffeemaker this morning reminded me (as if I needed a reminder) of the spill I took on the bicycle a few days ago...

I was riding with my grandson on the sidewalk that runs in front of our house.  We had stopped for a car coming out of a driveway.  When I remounted, I didn't get up to speed enough to make the small hill.  I toppled over, skinning a knee on one leg, ankle on another, severely bruising a thigh and who-knows-what to my right rib cage.

I'm currently getting by on over-the-counter pain pills.  
I'm bummed that my enthusiasm for exercise has been dampened by my "spill"
It has NOT affected my healthy eating habits though.
My determination is strong.
I expect another drop on the scale any day now!


  1. I'm sorry to here about your spill Rebecca. I don't care for riding on the streets as I've never been very good at it!! But I don't have much of a choice here. I wish we had a nice bike trail somewhere close but we don't.I could go to the city park but there is a lot of foot traffic there and that too scares me. When I was 12, I once accidentally hit an elderly woman and knocked her down! I felt so awful and helped her up. She was fine and understanding, Thank God, but since then I am so nervous when I get around people and cars. I guess that doesn't make a good cyclist!! I hope your heal quickly and enjoy your vacation! Love you, Di ♥

  2. Sorry to hear about the spill, Rebecca. That's not good. I've fallen several times over the years on my left knee. Now, years later, it's starting to really bother me. Bummer.

    Take care and good luck with more weight loss.

    Hope you and your family have a most wonderful Easter. Susan