maintained and sustained

June 3, 2017.
While enjoying the Fast 5 lifestyle,
health and weight are maintained and sustained.
I couldn't ask for more...
unless it be a pleasant week as we leave Monday to enjoy a few days away from home.
Meals will be provided at the Abbey of Gethsemani
where we'll enjoy the quiet beauty of the Kentucky hills.
These glass water bulbs will maintain and sustain
our potted tomato plant in our absence.
(It will be the first time we've actually put them to more than ornamental use!)

this side of 2017

Four days into 2017 find me C*O*L*D but committed to the Fast-5 lifestyle that I (re)started back in May.  I'm SO thankful for this lifestyle that allowed for enjoying the holiday desserts and candy.  I've come through Christmas and New Years at a healthy weight. I look forward to incorporating a bit more exercise - primarily walking - to maintain my hard-fought-for loss.

Just about the only allowance I've made to Fast-5 over the holidays 
was an extension of the eating "window" 
from a strict 5 hours to an occasional 6 hour one.  

Fast-5 is SO worth it.