That "one pound" moved and took another one with it!
This morning I left the 150's behind.
Wonder if it was due to the 2 small pieces of apple pie I ate yesterday?
(Probably not.)
But that's the beauty of the Fast-5 plan.
Nothing technically off limits.
It works for me.


  1. I love the verse on the top of your page. God has not given me, a SPIRIT of fear... I have had to repeat this many time...a Spirit of Fear comes from the evil one..
    God gives me, three beautiful Spirits, Love, Power and a Sound mind..
    Thank you Lord!
    I was naturally thin until I went to live in TN (I am an Ozzie) then with all the fried food,the weight piled on. I am now a size 16, and I can stay that way.. It is very easy (now) to put on weight than to remove it..