When Motivated...

She had no idea how profoundly her words would affect me today.
She was face-booking about something else entirely--
an activity that would challenge her
but that she really wanted to do.
Immediately these words jumped out of her comment to my heart.
I told her later I was going to print them out on a card and frame them.
Then I changed that and said, "Well, at least put it on the window sill over my sink."
Thank you, Dee.
So funny!  
The quote in "Motivation to Live Well"
in the side bar for today says:
Post your goals where you’ll see them often, 
along with notes of inspiration. 
Reminders are a good thing.


  1. Hi Rebecca: Writing goals and reminders down indicates they are half-way done. That's a very important step in bringing them to reality. Susan

  2. I love that christians can lift up and encourage others through the spirit of the Lord even when they are not aware they are doing it. Hugs ♥ Dee

  3. So THAT's what has been missing!
    I have no reminders posted about goals I would like to have. So they just stay in the incubation phase I guess.
    I need to be proactive about this!
    Thanks Rebecca! Please pray for me to get serious about doing some of the things I want to do, and those I know I should do!!!
    Blessings and ((HUGS))