Natural Exercise

My exercise happened early this morning in an attempt to beat the heat. 
I weeded this flower bed
and rearranged the tiles and metal tubes
to line the path that meanders through it.
When I was finished,
I drank at least 2 of my intended 8-10 glasses of water for today.
I began today to add more natural exercise into my schedule. 
It felt great!


  1. I like the natural exercise best, too! Love your garden!

  2. A woman after my heart....I love working in the garden....I have found that weeding reminds me of God working on my heart......

    I am so glad I found your blog....all your words on your sidebar are encouraging and inspiring......

    I look forward to more visits......

  3. I love the gardening kind of exercise. It's good for my heart and mind, too.

  4. Thanks for missing me. I appreciate it. dealing with some bad vertigo issues presently, have not been able to garden much at all. You take care ! Gina

  5. I've got to do some natural exercise as well! Ever since we have had a few snakes around here that seem to like to live in my overgrown beds, I've had trouble making myself do what I used to love~the weeding. I've just totally lost the desire to stick my hand into something I can't see...

  6. I will work myself silly in the garden! Four or five hours seems like nothing, despite aching limbs. 40 minutes on a treadmill and I am feeling like I could scream. Unfortunately, my gardening season is from April to October.