A Dieter's Best (Appliance) Friend?

I've been cleaning out the refrigerator in preparation for vacation. There were 11 or 12 strawberries left, so I hulled them, put them on a plate and stuck them in the freezer.

Later on, I popped them into the blender along with some 1% milk and (I sheepishly admit) a little sugar. Result? A thick and satisfying snack.

A blender just might be a dieter's best friend!
Even as I write this, I'm thinking of a few other Appliance Friends.
What Appliance Friends do YOU have?


  1. This isn't an appliance but an "accessory" I guess. I love my salad spinner. So many things of this type get put in the back of the cabinet but I use mine frequently.

  2. I would have to say one of my favs is the Breville juicer. Although the faux Bullet (JC Penney off-brand)is nice also for smoothies. Have you tried using honey instead of sugar?

  3. Hi Rebecca...My blender is great appliance, certainly. Also love my crock pot and when I'm making hummus, the food processor. Would hate it without my hand-held electric mixer, too. Grateful for one and all. Susan

  4. Would be lost without my Kitchen Aid mixer and when my fruit is not fresh anymore I throw everything into my juicer add ice and it always taste great....:-)Hugs

  5. God bless our blender!
    Have you ever tried a spinach smoothie?
    The way my Hubby makes it is to blend raw spinach with frozen banana and apple juice and 1% milk and a bit of honey...yum.

  6. My fave is our George Forman grill!!! ;-)