Vacation Walking Paths

Just a couple of the more interesting places where I've been walking the past few days!
I'm a black or white person.
When it comes to walking,
I either like taking different paths every day
doing the same routine every day.
I go in streaks.  There are positives for both.
While on vacation this week, it's been different paths every day.


  1. Rebecca, I could no sooner walk across that suspension bridge than I could fly to the moon. No way, Jose. Uh uh. Petrified of heights and heights over water? Oh, you would see me running FAST in the other direction. You are one brave woman. Susan

  2. Could you call that a walk on the wild side? Especially for Miss Susan?!

  3. Susan (and Donna), I made the other three cross ahead of me. It was all I could do to cross it WITHOUT it swinging with each of their steps!

  4. The bridge looks much easier than the stairs! Both beautiful though. Wish I could walk more, I really miss that a lot.
    Love Di ♥

  5. Wow! Vacation again. You are living a good life! What beautiful places to walk! I walked inside today at our park district indoor track. It is sooooo hard to walk there. I so wanted to be outside but it was raining. The suspension bridge looks like fun. However, I went on one with A & A and family in NC and was terrified seeing those little children practically skip across the bridge! I decided that if I had heart problems I surely would have died!

  6. I agree with way, Jose'! ;-)