Down but not Out

The poison ivy/oak/whatever has put me "DOWN".  Little exercise in my life Thursday and Friday.  And thinking myself in need of a treat, I had 2 dips of ice-cream on Thursday (black cherry and chocolate moosetracks).  Last night we celebrated the birthday of a friend.  I had baked cod - delicious.  The evening was topped off with a piece of cake and yet more ice-cream.

I SHOULD weigh this evening.  I'm not optimistic about what the scale may say, but neither am I OUT of the weight-loss-for-health game. So I will weigh.  And I will post.  And I will hope for "progress".

What I did right:  Vitamin, posted, fish


  1. Oh Rebecca I am so sorry about your poison Ivy. You know that is something horrible that we've had in common so I feel for you. You deserved the treats. There will be time to catch up later. Just get better. Pretty Cake!! Love Di ♥

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been well. It's OK to treat ourselves sometimes, especially after something like poison ivy.