First Five

Progress!  The first five pounds are gone. 
I fulfilled my intention to walk this week,
never letting two days in a row that I didn't walk 30 minutes.
At first, five pounds doesn't seem like much to lose
considering my diligence and efforts these past two weeks.
But then I think about THIS...
...and I'm quite encouraged!

What I did right: Weighed & recorded progress, ate healthy foods, walked 30 minutes, vitamin, posted, drank water.


  1. Five pounds doesn't seem like much until you actually can lift a five pound bag of flour. Very proud of you!

  2. That's fabulous, Rebecca. Five pounds is HUGE.Congratulations. Susan from

  3. After certain age five pounds isn't easy to loose! But I give you credit for hanging in there Rebecca! Good work. Love Di ♥