Yesterday our main meal (eaten around 1:30) included the leftover Asian slaw from Sunday's potluck and sloppy joes served open-face over a couple of leftover buns.

I also made this banana bread out of some bananas that were over-ripe.  I found two of them in the freezer when I went to get out the hamburger for sloppy joes.

Soooooo, I cut the bread long ways first and then cut the halves into halves.  Does that make sense?  Smaller pieces from the get-go.  And I'm trying to eat it before noon - following Dr. Oz's advice for to eat ones carbs in the morning for belly-fat-busting....

What I did right:  Posted, vitamins, portion control, relatively healthy foods.

Welcome, new friends!  Let's encourage each other in our
determination to live healthy lives!


  1. All sounds good to me, Rebecca. Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  2. i have been following your blog(s) for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying your postings. i, too, have been wanting/needing to lose weight and i think i will adopt your plan of posting every day. Thanks for sharing.