All or Nothing

The green beans/onion/tomato/turkey sausage crockpot combo turned out wonderfully satisfying yesterday.  It was cool and damp outside and the nourishing meal warmed body and spirits.

I have been unable to exercise - even mildly - because of pain around my shoulder blade (bursitis?  muscle strain?)  I am doubtful that I'll have lost even a pound when I weigh tomorrow.  Two days this week I "lapsed" in the eating department - though not as badly as it seemed when I stop to think about it.

Perspective is a difficult thing for me to maintain. 
I'm an all-or-nothing person.  
Any tips for overcoming this mentality would be appreciated! 

What I did right:  Vitamin, portion control, posted


  1. Oh dear, I am "an all or nothing" person too!
    But attitude is the key and neither of us are quiters!
    Did you receive my email? I don't think my address book is working properly. UGH.

  2. Me too - all or nothing is my middle name I think! If you find out the answer... I'd be very keen to hear it.

    Persistence is one of the keys. Even after lapses, keep going. If we give up permanently we've given up. If we lapse and keep going, we're still on the path.