A Week of Soups

I picked up this book at our public library yesterday.  Having visited a monastery last spring, I was curious when I saw this on the shelf of recent additions to our library.  I was happy to find some interesting, healthy, and relatively easy recipes.  I found several soup recipes that I will make this week.  The Soup Section began with this quote:

"For the sake of losing a few pounds, accumulated during those endless agapes and festivities of the year's end, without having to fast or die of hunger, there is no better remedy than a good soup.  All it takes is a quick stop at the supermarket, some preparation, and then promptly the fresh aromas begin to emerge from the soup kettle."  (Isabelle Delaleu, French chef and dietician) 

After church this morning, we'll dine on a slow-cooker bean soup.  Then I'll make a QUICK STOP at the supermarket to purchase the ingredients for our week of soups!
Hearty Hamburger Soup I made earlier this week.  Yum!


  1. You know that I despise cooking? Well the one thing that I do enjoy cooking is soups. I can cook very good soups out of anything, a talent that my grandmother taught me. She was beautiful and loved making soups too.
    Your hamburger soup looks delicious Rebecca.

    One of my mothers favorite dinners was one where the whole family would get together bringing their homemade soups, salads and bread. We did this on her birthday in Feb. and she just loved it! Nice memory.
    Love Di ♥

  2. That book really looks interesting, I'll have to look for it at our library. We have dear old friends who live at a monestery in AZ. He is in charge of the library, and she runs the kitchen!

    I'm very curious about your hamburger soup recipe. (I'll look, I'm sure you have it in your recipe tab somewhere) I have recipe called "autumn soup" that looks like it could be similar. We LOVE it and it is so hearty.

    I made a big pot of pasta e'fagioli yesterday so we'll be eating that for a couple of days. I first cooked a whole chicken to make the broth. So now I have chicken to add to another recipe. This is the way I like to cook :)

    I do feel that eating soups is very healthy but I have to have my crusty bread & butter to go with it! LOL

    I love the idea Di gave me about the soups/salads/breads. My mom's birthday is coming up next week and I think I will suggest this to my sibs!

  3. I am a real soup lover, my favorite being
    cabbage, potato, leek soup. This one looks
    wonderful too. I agree with Diana that one
    of my favorite meals is soup, salad and
    a good bread. I'd like to see if our library
    has this book.

  4. what is "different" about monastery cooking?

  5. Jacquelyn - In this case, primarily vegetarian...and the produce was cultivated and harvested mostly on their property.

    Today I fixed Potato Soup with Stilton Cheese (only I used bleu. I'm not sure I could find/afford actual Stilton. It was made with leeks, potatoes, parsley & milk. I really liked it!

  6. RB loves soups. He makes a mean zoopa but I'm usually the one who makes them. I usually make homemade wheat bread or cornbread to go with it. Someday I'm going to make crackers.

    I'll have to look for that book.