One Fourth, Please

I went to visit my parents yesterday.  My father wanted to go pick up Subs for lunch.  "You may not like the kind we get.  What kind do you want?"  (I wouldn't have chosen the kind they like, but neither did I want to eat a HALF of my own.  I guess I could have saved a half of it....).  Anyway,  I ended up with just short of 1/4 of their 12" sub.  With a piece of watermelon, I had plenty to eat.

Portion control and choices continue to be my strengths through the past four days.  Today I absolutely need to add some walking (and to be sure to drink more water).

I'm looking forward to Weigh In on Saturday night.  

What I did right:  Portion control.  Stayed within a reasonable calorie limit.  Vitamin.


  1. You're doing so great problem is portion control as well. It's just so easy for me to eat FAR more than I need. On Monday I started to keep track of everything I eat and drink...very interesting to be conscious of it. It isn't so much that writing it all down will help me lose weight but I think for me, I just eat so much that I am barely aware of it sometimes so I keep the notebook with a pen in the kitchen. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully after awhile I can assess areas I can do better in.

  2. Amen, Sister! After a traumatizing session in a Von Maur dressing room yesterday, trying on bras (of all things!), I needed to read this encouraging post today. BTW, why is the lighting in dressing rooms so bright (and all-revealing)? I hope it has been cooler in your neck of the woods.

  3. Donna, We've had some nice days again. It's supposed to get hot today - and be quite stormy this afternoon.