Eating Out

 Such interesting and healthy choices!
 I had the salmon salad - spinach, avocado and ruby red grapefruit slices 
 with a vinaigrette dressing!
I passed on the breads and desserts--but don't these breads look yummy!
Honey on the Table was a new spot for me...
had a European flair.
There was outdoor seating, but it was full yesterday.
I expect to return here soon.
The Fast-5 eating plan let me enjoy so many pleasurable foods
and still lose weight.
It's 4 me!


  1. Sounded good to me, Rebecca. Never had grapefruit in a salad but it must have tasted good. Good for you! Susan

    1. It was new to ME, too, Susan (grapefruit in the salad), but it was actually quite tasty!