Up the Down Escalator

A friend of a  facebook friend of mine
 posted these two sentences from her reading (no attribution included):  
"Recovery from emotional and compulsive eating is like trying to go up the down escalator. 
If we stand still and don't take daily steps to grow spiritually we can slowly slip backwards."
How TRUE that is!
I would add that (for me, at least) 
it isn't always a SLOW slip backwards.
Sometimes it's a very violent fall.
I believe the mental image of trying to go up a down escalator
will be helpful to me to stay deliberate in my "daily steps" 
toward health and wellness today.


  1. That was a good one, Rebecca. I'll keep that image in my mind. I'm very familiar with the process of pummeling backwards down that escalator. Susan

    1. Then I consider myself in great company, Susan :)

  2. A good reminder for me...especially after stepping on the scale this morning.(

    1. I guess one solution would be to avoid stepping on the scale....