Candles, Centerpieces, Company

This centerpiece welcomed guests Saturday evening 
and another full table at noon on Sunday.
By managing/adjusting my Fast-5 "window"
I was able to enjoy my frozen pumpkin dessert, some hot cider
and ALL of the foods that everyone else enjoyed.
I'm SO thankful for this way of eating.
By the end of this month, I expect to be at my goal of 135#, 
so I'm beginning to think about my strategy for November.
How are YOU doing in the area of healthy living? 


  1. I would really like to know more about "Fast Five". I did a bit of research about it. Is your 5-hour window a particular time of day...I mean does it fall the same 5 hours every day? Like maybe 4-9? Or, am I even close to thinking right about the "diet"? Would appreciate any/all help you can give.

    1. I usually eat dinner with my husband around 1:30. If we are hungry between 6 & 6:30 we will eat - maybe fruit & an English muffin with some peanut butter (or today, a Blizzard at D.Q.).

      But if I know we're going to want to eat in the evening, I'll reverse it - maybe eating the fruit, etc. at 2:00 and waiting to eat "big" until 6-7:00.

      It sure has worked for me and now my husband, too.

  2. I finally reached a 20 pound loss...\0/ I have a lot more to go but am happy with the progress. I only have slipped up once since the first of August.