Looking Back/Looking Forward

Mid-December finds me in a semi-hibernated state.  Many changes in and around me affect my body, soul and spirit. 

Since my father has come to live with us, I am cooking a whole lot more - and (surprisingly) enjoying it!  We are making far fewer restaurant runs.  Over all, I believe I am eating healthier.

Last week at a doctor appointment, he told me I was probably the skinniest person he would see in his office all day.  This took me by surprise since I'd be happy to lose another 5-7 pounds.

I AM happy that I am on this side of weight loss.  If I could find/make a way to be more active, I'm pretty sure those 5-7 pounds would take care of themselves...

A look back at 2016 will provide me with good incentive for making 2017 as healthy and productive as I possibly can!

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  1. Hi Rebecca. So glad you have lost most of the weight you wanted to lose. That's wonderful. Hope you have a very beautiful Christmas. Susan