The Thing about Inspiration

Have you noticed?  
There's SO much GREAT inspiration out there
that it's possible to be "hooked" on inspiration 
and never actually change ourselves?
 (I was going to copy/paste an example....
but it was too large & I couldn't make it fit.
But you've seen 'em.  Those clever pictures and quotations...)
They're REALLY good,
but at some point you have to leave the pep rally 
and start the game--
and STAY in the game!


  1. Oh I think you have hit the nail on the head! Just the "push" that I need to start! That's the beginning - then to stick to it. You are a really great example that it can be done. Keep on keeping on! Blessings, Ann

  2. Great point. We buy it, read it, download it, and collect it but putting it into practice is the key. I am going to expand on this here soon. Take care.

  3. So true indeed!! you got to get out there and live it!! ~Love Heather