What I Didn'T Say

Looking for individuals who want to take on the wellness challenge and live a healthier life. With 100% money back quarentee and the potential to make more money than you spend on the products who wouldn't want to listen to more information?
Send me a message with your time zone and what evening works best. I will line you up with a overview to learn more. - no one can go wrong, get more information from me.
Thus read the message in a facebook group I participate in (spelling error and all).  I wanted to respond and say that  I HAVE taken the wellness challenge and AM living a healthier life.  I wanted to tell this person that I don't want/need "products" and that I don't want to listen to more information.  I wanted to say that I don't need "money back quarentee (her spelling).
Yep!  That's what I wanted to comment..  But I didn't!  Instead, I'm saying it here.

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