"Post your goals where you’ll see them often, 
along with notes of inspiration. Reminders are a good thing."
(from today's Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar)

That's just about the only reason I continue this blog!
It's not so much for you (if there even ARE any "yous" out there)
as it is for me.
Goal:  139#
Note of Inspiration:  139#
Reminder:  139#    

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  1. I especially read this blog! You are the reason that motivated me to try again and have been fairly successful. Keep up the good work - I know it can be difficult at times. For the most part I have kept the 5 hour window - on occasion I have chosen to eating regular meals but then go back to the 5 hour plan. Have a ways to go yet but with God's help I'll make it - Phil 4:13 So even when you don't get responses they (we) are watching. You have been an inspiration to me. Thanks Rebecca!