May I suggest smaller Sarah's video on her post today here?  Her thoughts on "seeing results and NOT seeing results" were motivational for me this morning.

Every morning - yes, EVERY morning - I step on my vintage bathroom scale.  It seldom moves from its 142# mark.  I AM still hoping to see it move down to 139# one of these days, but I can't say I've been putting my energy behind that "hope". 

So.......I guess "results" really isn't what I'm looking for. (Just thinking out loud here.)  Results only come tied to effort.  In that sense, I am stuck.

No WONDER Myra doesn't visit my blog anymore!

Seriously though, I DO show up and do the work in the sense that for almost 2 years I've remained consistent with the Fast-5 pattern of eating that resulted in a 40+ pound weight loss.  My body seems to have found its "comfort zone" around 142#.  If I want to lose those additional 3 pounds, I'll have to expend additional effort.  AND if I want to stay below 140#, I surmise that I'll need to continue expending additional effort.  

(Contemplating my profundity:  "Results only come tied to effort.")


  1. hmmmm maybe it would not be as hard as you think, especially to maintain if you build some muscle you will burn calories more easily. I bet with a little tweaking you could surely get there. Maybe even a little cleanse would do the trick!! ~I say don't give up keep trying to reach that goal! ~Heather

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  2. Keep up the good work Rebecca! Thanks to you I'm down 23# at my lowest - slipped a bit - we had company for a week but I'll get back at it now. Mine has come off slowly because I haven't given up anything. Am happy with what i have been able to do. We do exercise 3 times a week and that helps too.