His Part/My Part

Patience is key to acheiving our goals. It involves the act of placing our concern in the hands of our Lord, and leaving it there.

Just as it appeared in Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar today...spelling error and all.  It has particular significance to me this evening.  My retreat time last week was an experience in "placing (my) concern in the hands of the Lord, and leaving it there".

Both the scale and blood pressure cuff testify to the faithfulness of God.  I have placed my concerns about weight and general health in His hands while I do my part to eat and act in a healthy way.



  1. Good thoughts, Rebecca.

    My problem, I am sure, is that I place my concerns about weight in His hands but I'm not willing to go the extra mile. Sad but true. Susan

  2. This is the only way to do it my friend! m.