More about the Clean Slate

On February 7th, I referred to my "clean slate"--the one handed to me after a brief bout with stomach flu.  Oddly enough, flu was the "eraser" that cleaned my "slate".  And I'm happy that (so far) I've not cluttered the slate.

If it takes 21 days to establish a habit, I'm very VERY close to establishing two good habits.  The first involves my eating habits; the second is keeping my kitchen counters cleared and dishes out of the sinks.  I know.  I know.  Elementary for most people.  MAJOR accomplishments for me.

And I'm not sure
which I'm prouder of!

What new habits are YOU


  1. When I wake up each morning I have to smile. For a very long time I struggled with housework. During the week running a home daycare the house was kept quite clean. Come Friday, I fell 'apart'. Waking up each Saturday with loads of dishes on the counter since the night before I just didn't bother. It is such a blessing to wake early in the morning and find my counters, the sink, and the kitchen tidy. Totally God's doing and I thank Him for that. Your kitchen looks just beautiful Rebecca..Praise God for a clean slate,,mind, body and soul.

    1. Congratulations, Rebecca. Those are both big accomplishments.

      Trying to reduce clutter around here. Susan

  2. You and I are in the same two habits, staying true to my eating habits, eating no grain or starch...and two, to keep the cottage relatively clean :-)