Living Well

Feeling SO much better--emotionally AND physically.
Bolstered by a "clean" digestive system (read last post),
I've enjoyed three days of
"clean" eating.
By "clean", I don't mean any particular diet--
just whole food.  Healthy foods.
Being well--LIVING well--feels very good!
Giving it my Best!
 I'm thankful for some fruit purchased last week--
particularly grapefruit and pears.
They've never tasted better.
What fruits are YOU enjoying this week?


  1. Blueberries and bananas and apples. same fruits, everyday, for years. Love them !@

    1. Bananas are a "staple" here. Husband and I split one every morning. Nothing beats a good apple, either. Braeburn are our favorites currently.

  2. Always have to have bananas here at our place. Hubby takes one in his lunch every day! I enjoy them a couple of times a week, myself. Now and then I like grapefruit and oranges(if they are juicy. Hate those dry old things!) Love apples, too, but I am not good at picking juicy sweet ones at the store. I like the ones that grow on our trees the best, but of course, I don't know their names! :~? And since we don't have any fresh this time of year I pick them up at the grocery now and then. If they aren't to my liking, into a smoothie they go along with yogurt and berries and any other fruit hanging out. Smoothies are delish!

  3. Glad you are feeling better Rebecca, I was thinking of you today and hoping you were over that nastiness. I usually always have apples (Gala or Fuji), clementines (which I love) and bananas. But i also love purple grapes if they aren't too costly, cherries, apricots, mango's and pineapple. The only fruits that I don't care for are Blueberries, Strawberries and oranges. However, I love anything orange flavored.
    I'll bet you didn't expect that extensive of an answer! LOL!!
    Love Di ♥

  4. I've been eating a lot of blackberries and pineapple. Aldi had food sales on them both. I noticed Marsh has strawberries for 1.77 but I haven't seen them to know how good they look.

    I've been working at keeping the Fruit of the Spirit evident in my life, too!

    1. For awhile, our Meijer store was selling pints(?) of blackberries 2 for a dollar! They were wonderful! We don't have an Aldis close to us, but my husband works near one a day a week. I often tell him to check out prices on items - but usually not their fruit. (He has bought bananas there - but they've been wrapped, which is a little strange to me.)

  5. 'Glad to read that you are feeling better. And thanks so much for commenting on my 'diet' blog. It's just something I'm doing for a year. I wonder if blogging about it all will help me with my self-control?

    I love the idea of 'Power Love and Self-control'!

    I'm very disappointed with the fruit in our area. NOTHING tastes good. I love peaches, and plums, and pears, and strawberries, but the ones we've gotten are hard and tasteless (just as all the tomatoes by us are hard, tasteless, and orange! Never do we get red, juicy, delicious tomatoes by us unless we make a trip to a farm stand on Long Island, and that's only in the Summer). So, I've turned my nose up at fruit lately. But I have been enjoying lots of vegetables, both raw and cooked!

    'Looking good, lady!
    Love and Prayers,