It's Up to Me

Warning:  This is NOT a post for weak stomachs.

Nothing like a little stomach flu to purge the system for healthier eating!  There were preliminary signs that all was not well.  Then came DEFINITE signs.  Then came fever and body aches confirming that it was not only the salt/vinegar chips and moose-track ice cream topped with an orange/pineapple juice smoothie that brought it on. 

At any rate, it's mostly past.  This morning I'm thankful for a good night of sleep, a general mistrust of food, and a digestive system that certainly must not be retaining any thread of gunk. 

What I will DO with my clean slate is UP TO ME.


  1. Oh Rebecca...I pray you feel better soon.

    Maria -

  2. I can relate Rebecca. I don't have the flu but do have IBS and have to watch everything that I eat!!! Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Love Di ♥