Scared Straight

A couple of days ago, I overheard a conversation in our local public library.  Apparently one of the individuals had two tumors in her brain. The two people she was talking with encouraged her to google "baking soda" and consider this alternative treatment for cancer. 

I don't have cancer.  But I came home and googled it.  One of many, many articles that appeared was THIS one.  I am NOT recommending this treatment, but was intrigued by the article and wonder if there is a nugget of truth in it.

It was a long article and claims to be quoting something from "John Hopkins Hospital".   I'm going to do further research on what was supposedly contained in that newsletter because most of the information seemed consistent with everything else I know about healthy habits.

It was enough to "Scare me Straight" (does anyone remember that phrase and method of confronting destructive behavior?)!!!

By the way, there are many sites that have great suggestions for putting Baking Soda to use in your home.  Here's one of them with 75 of 'em!


  1. That was a very interesting article Rebecca. And I would think that it would be worth a try if need be. The diet advice was excellent, also common sense which a lot of us don't follow due to temptation and lack of willpower (in my case!). I used to brush my teeth with baking soda when I was a teen because it made my teeth whiter!
    I think that if one were to be diagnosed with cancer, they would be in shock and feel desperation enough to listen to whatever their doctors tells them. But if they were to read this, they may think about giving it a try. Love Di ♥

  2. I really DO want to check out if John Hopkins really published "said" newsletter....

    Certainly one should pray for wisdom and then do the "common sense" thing - which often includes finding a wise and well-trained doctor who ALSO has some "common sense"!

  3. I believe the Scared Straight strategy was going to prison, wasn't it Rebecca? Susan

  4. That's my recollection, Susan! It was supposed to be a "wake-up call" for young juveniles...

  5. Not sure if baking soda is the answer to cancer, and I know I wouldn't risk a love one's chance of survival on an experiment. Would love to think a cure is this simple but ummmmm can't quite swollow this.....:-)Hugs

  6. I'm skeptical, too, Bernie. What really caught my attention was the list (supposedly out of John Hopkins) of healthy habits. I haven't taken the time to check their authenticity. The writer of this particular article didn't help his credibility by his lack of respect for doctors. (His wasn't the ONLY site, however, giving rationale for the role of baking soda in treating cancer.)

  7. They're on the right track with the alkaline thing, but like others have observed -- pretty chancy as a cancer TREATMENT. Could have merit in a preventive role. We have used an alkalizer for our drinking water for the past 8 years with good health results. I'm convinced there's something to it.

  8. Yes, Kathie! I'm with you (and the others who point out the "chancy-ness" of it as sole treatment). I don't think even this far out article said "cure"...just treatment. And treatment COULD involve several approaches at once AND never on one's own--that is if under doctor's care, he/she should be advised/aware of ALL that's going on!

    I once knew a person who was doing colon cleansings and when liver caused problems, they didn't tell the doctor what they'd been doing! How could a doctor POSSIBLY treat them effectively w/o this knowledge?!

  9. Hi I just found your blog today. Love love love it!!! You are very inspriational!! Hugs!

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