Just Because....

 Breakfast is included in the price of rooms at Heritage Inn
this weekend.
 Just look at all the things we don't have to eat just because they're available!
 (I STILL have a hard time remembering it's not necessary to eat things
 just because they're offered, are part of the package price, 
 or even because they are healthier than other choices!
Plain and simply, my "window" for eating is not open.
Seeds of discipline produce a harvest of strength. Keep planting them daily.
(from Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar).


  1. Proud of you Rebecca!!!

  2. I remember that buffet from the Quilt Retreat I went to there. I had to search around but did find some things that worked pretty well. Great job. I know how tempting that stuff is but once we start, it is so hard to stop and just not worth it. We just have to remember that it is only food.

  3. Your right Rebecca...we do not have to eat them just because they are offered.:)