Scaling Back

 Yesterday I wore the SAME skirt I was wearing in the sidebar picture a few years ago.
That was one of my goals, and I've achieved it.
Today (and the past week or so) the challenge to live 
with intention and will to eat well and wisely looms large!
VERY large.
I am leaning heavily on my bathroom scale
to keep me on track while everything around me says,
"Take!  Eat!"
(Weren't those the words of the serpent to Eve in the garden????)
So for awhile, I will weigh daily while rejoicing in the freedom and success that
Fast-5 eating has brought to me in 2012.
How are YOU doing?
A recent splurge - and dream come true!


  1. You look absolutely amazing.I adore that top also..oh ya,,and the tree

  2. Congratulations. It's a wonderful feeling I am sure to wear that skirt again. You have made lifestyle changes that will keep you in it! Merry CHRISTmas!

  3. You look awesome. What an amazing year you've had!!!

  4. I am struggling...lots going on for me at Christmas time. :( But I am not giving up....

    1. It's HARD, isn't it? Some days I struggle more than others...but I've really tried to at least be "true" to the 5 hour "window"!

  5. So proud of you Rebecca and yes you look fabulous! I'm not there yet, but all things in time. I miss seeing you this month but hope you are enjoying a wonder filled Christmas season.

    1. Thank you, Sue.
      Looking forward to January!
      We've been keeping it simple and wonder-ful as possible.

  6. Congratulations on the skirt Rebecca! You must feel fabulous. I was pleased to be the same weight after New Year that I was in December.