I Needed That!

Wow!  Did I NEED this! 
I hope if you have the time to read it 
that you'll find it as inspiring and useful as I did.
Check out Frugal Queen's post 
Especially the paragraph about "health"...

"We judiciously look after our health. Diet, exercise and plenty of sleep are non-negotiable. We eat healthily. We don't eat rubbish and we maintain a healthy level of calories. The answer to feeling bad about our personal appearance is never ever ever to reach to food as it can't love us, doesn't comfort us and never ever makes anything better. The same goes for exercise. Our bodies are not designed to be sedentary. I work hard to keep my serotonin levels up by exercising. We set a go to bed time and get up time which ensures we get plenty of quality sleep. We make sure the TV is off early and we never keep ourselves up late for any reason whatsoever. I run.............slowly but I'm always faster than the person who never gets off the couch. I work out...............as best I can but I'm fitter and leaner than the person who never does anything about it!"

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