Choice, Decision, Commitment, Favor

A choice, a decision, a commitment, a FAVOR I do myself. 
Don't complicate it, friends! No regrets here.

Last March, I fell and broke my hip.  I got a new hip and began eating 3 meals a day while in the hospital.  I kept up the 3 meal a day habit in the weeks of rehab.  This was a change from the Fast-5 lifestyle I had been living for a couple of years.  Besides the change in meal patterns, I found myself eating more sweets and making silly food choices.  The pounds began to add up.

On September 23rd, I had a knee replaced.  While I ate meals in the hospital, I determined that when I got home, I would return to the Fast-5 lifestyle.  This means eating within a 5 hour "window" and "fasting" the other 19 hours of the day.

I am thankful for the decision I made and for the results that I've already achieved.  This morning, I wrote the words at the beginning of this post on the Fast-5 facebook page. 

Soon I expect to ADD more walking to my knee rehab exercises and will continue to SUBTRACT pounds until I am a healthy weight again.  (It should take about another month.)

Coming Up:  Lessons Learned


  1. Hi Rebecca! My sister and daughters started a cooking blog (I actually don't like to cook, I'd so much rather bake - so your post here made me smile! :) I have to check out your fast - five pages... I can't believe how fast - five pounds can add up LOL ! ! !
    Thanks so much for "stopping by!"
    Many blessings to you and wishes for fast healing for your knee!
    ~ Maria

  2. I started fast five last week and so far am having no problems with it. I think just thinking about the time frame is easier than calorie counting.

    1. I SO agree, Dee (about calorie counting, etc.)