• In the picture of my extended family above, I don't look too bad!  (I'm notorious for taking bad pictures.)  But when I zoomed in, I saw a double (if not triple) chin.  I can, I will and I AM doing something about my health and weight today. Food-wise, I got through this last holiday gathering quite well.  A severe tooth ache destroyed my ability to enjoy the food. 
  • My food-related project this week is to research and spend some Christmas money on a good food processor.   
  •  Myra again!  She GETS it.  If you want inspiration, you'll find it on her blog.  She comes up with  great quotes and other motivating information consistently! 


  1. Hi Rebecca....I can SO identify. Two days of the new year have begun and I went on the treadmill both days for 15 minutes. Two down and 363 to go.

    This is IT, Rebecca. This is the year to obtain a normal weight for the first time in my LIFE.

    Share my journey.

    I will check out Myra's blog. Thanks. Susan

  2. my chinS always seem to show up in photos of me!!!!