Thanksgiving 2012

My first Thanksgiving meal while enjoying the Fast 5 lifestyle!
Nothing was off limits.  Turkey & stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes,
cranberry cream salad, cheesy hot veggies, rolls, and pies!
Lots of pies.
Two of my siblings and their husbands, 3 nieces & nephews,
 my mother and father at the table...
 Our meal was followed by aThanksgiving Trivia Quiz & Game Time.
 (We're great at table games!)
Counting my weight loss and health as MAJOR blessings this year
and praying the same for anyone who reads this.


  1. I am stuck at a weight but not gainingthat is a good thing . I am so happy for you to maintain.....

    1. That IS a good thing, Dee! I'm proud of you :)