1 Month Update

After window shopping in a quaint town nearby, a friend and I ate a buffet luncheon in a corner of a large bulk food store. I had greens & veggies from the salad bar with a little poppy seed dressing, a chicken breast (didn't eat the battered skin), and a small piece of apple pie. 

I ate WHAT I wanted and ALL that I wanted.  I like the 19-5 Intermittent Fast plan of eating.  The 5 hour "window" in which I eat allows me a little flexibility.  The "open/closed window" concept  give me the inner strength to resist temptation outside the window somehow.  I can't really explain its psychological value.  Maybe SOMEday I will be able to verbalize it.

Meanwhile, I haven't lost a pound the last week or so. I'm expecting to see a significant loss in the coming week.  I have no intention of changing my current habit.


  1. If it is working - then it is good for you! :)


  2. Maybe SOMEday I will be able to verbalize it....I'm STILL having a hard time verbalizing it girl..LOL. It's been five years eating like this and I find it hard to put into words how powerfully my life has changed because of it. Of course because of WHO..but to put it into words still is hard. SOMEday!!