Me Yesterday

Me, yesterday.
Dressed and ready to go to our
no-longer-Red-Hat-Club dinner.
It was at a Chinese buffet.
I ate what I wanted - not as much as I might have
six months ago.
I topped it off with two small scoops of ice cream.
I'm currently at the weight goal I set for the end of August.
At this rate, I'll definitely be at my goal weight
by the end of September (or sooner).
I've gotta work on my smile.
I'm really much happier than I appear,
but too busy concentrating on running to pose
within 10 seconds of setting my cell phone camera up!  
It's NOT easy!


  1. I waiting for that smile I remember - not just the slight grin. Ann

  2. You look great....I am still doing spring I should be at a good weight.

  3. you look great, congratulations for meeting your August goal early!

  4. Awesome, Rebecca. I've been pondering this way of eating since I read about it here. I couldn't do a five hour because of health issues but am thinking about trying a seven hour window. You inspire me!

  5. Rebecca, you are a true inspiration! And this ensemble is chic and fabulous on you. Even your ankles look elegant and graceful. I am just now returning to my fitness program and look forward to adapting healthier routines.

    Thanks so much for sharing your terrific progress. It's motivating

    1. Teehee. My ankles might be my best feature :) Welcome to healthier routines, Jean!