Keep On Going!

I capped off my morning walk by planting two new perennials I bought on sale yesterday. This Russian sage is a personal favorite of mine. I love its color and its scent.

My husband and I are reading a few pages each morning from the book, The Joys of Successful Aging by George Sweeting. Dr. Sweeting was President of Moody Bible Institute when I attended there in the late 60s. This statement stood out to me this morning:

"Continual involvement with life is a major requirement for successful aging. It has been said that getting older is like waterskiing: When you slow down, you go down. So...keep on going!"


  1. What a great example you are, dear friend...of someone that is going and going.....

    Just like the Energizer bunny ;~)

    In His Grace,

    lady m

  2. I like the quote. The book sounds like one I would enjoy too. And, I like your new profile photo!

  3. We have lots of Russian sage around our house. We planted it because the bees love it but we love it, too.

    Good for you for continuing so faithfully on your diet and exercise. I am doing fine with the exercise but not so good with the eating healthy. I hope to get my switch turned on again, soon. Until then, I am exercising to keep from gaining back what I lost.

    I would much rather participate in life than be a spectator even if it is more risky.