Humor Helps!

Bonnie Hunt said, "My mother
always said if she was one inch taller she'd be perfectly round."  
Isn't that funny?  
A sense of humor is
SUCH a gift.


  1. Oh Rebecca, my mum always said she wasn't too fat just to mum also had a sense of humor, she could make us all laugh over nothing at all, I so miss her.....:-) Hugs

  2. I love to laugh, and to make others laugh.

  3. Here's one for you...
    "I don't have chin hairs, no way. They're just wandering eyebrows!"

    It sure is hard to lose one's Mom.
    Even if the relationship has been challenging, the loss is such a profound thing.

    Yet, In Christ, we have a blessed eternity to look forward to! Heaven looks brighter every day.

    Blessings, Sweet Lady.

  4. That is funny. I often joke that I'm not overweight, I'm just under-tall.