You aren't the only one to be distracted from the presence of God:  I understand completely.  Our minds are so flighty.  But remember that our God-given will governs all of our strength.  It must recall the mind to God.  Otherwise, our spirit may wander, dragging us down to the things of this earth.
Brother Lawrence, "Eighth Letter" in The Practice of the Presence of God

Although a humble cook, Brother Lawrence learned the greatest secret of living in the Kingdom of God here on earth: communing with the Lord throughout our daily tasks. He mastered the art of living in the presence of God throughout the day. As he exclaimed, "I am doing now what I will do for all eternity. I am blessing God, praising Him, adoring him, and loving Him with all my heart."


  1. I can really relate to your post today dear Rebecca, so many times I cannot seem to stop the chatter of my mind but oh when I do and I speaking from my heart directly to God, it is worth all frustration on trying to remain calm, it is when I am able to listen that the rewards follow....Luv you....:-) Hugs

  2. Practicing HIS Presence...seems to be the secret of a victorious life!
    Let's pray for each other that we will indeed live this way. Amen.

  3. The simplicity and depth of wisdom of this truth. I agree with Jess... let us pray for one another that we will INDEED live this way and glorify our Father in heaven.

    Thank you for the encouraging reminder, my dear sister.