If You Are What You Eat....

...then I'm a Baby Ruth.
It wasn't a very good evening!


  1. Rebecca You certainly chose a beautiful and delicious candy bar! LOL.
    But your healthy habits so out way this little mishap! I so enjoyed reading the previous posts of your healthy recipes. Hummus is so delicious and easy to make, but for some how I seem to forget to make it. Your crock pot chicken sounds healthy and delicious, thank you for sharing.

  2. Tomorrow is a new day, love you.

  3. You are so disciplined, it was almost refreshing to see you had a weak moment.lol

    You have done so amazingly well at maintaining a healthy diet and life style. Hope you enjoyed the babe ruth's as they are one of my favorites! Donna

  4. Rebecca,

    You are NOT what you eat, nor what you weigh!
    You are a beautiful, sanctified, committed daughter of the KING!

    I've been thinking about your post since reading it a couple of days ago. At present, I am 1/3 of the way to a healthy weight (2/3's yet to go!) One day at a time, keeping my focus and pressing into GOD.

  5. I fell off the health and exercise wagon, but got back on this week. Except, I did eat two homemade peanut butter cookies I baked this morning. Hubby's always looking for a sweet treat in the house and it's been rather sparse for quite some time. Cooler weather makes me want to bake!