Exercise: No Show in the Snow

Most of us are getting weary of the snow pictures.  This was taken out of my front doorway yesterday.  Basically, it's as far as I got.  For exercise purposes,  I'm a "No Show in the Snow".   I would have never made a Winter Olympian!

The truth is, I've been a "No Show" period the last few days.  Today I picked it up and walked, jogged, and did a few weight exercises for the first time in several days.  It's been my longest lapse since the beginning of the year.

But I'm back. While doing some Bible study this morning, I came across three "P"s for training - whether physical or Greater Purposes (see I Timothy 4:8).  At the end of that chapter are these words:  Practice, Progress, Persist.  I'm going be more intentional about all three of them.


  1. Good for Rebecca, I love those 3 "P's"
    Hope you are having a great day....:-) Hugs

  2. I like your three P's. Great photo! Blessings!

  3. We got dumped on, here in Michigan. I decided to shovel and count that as exercise. I also have been doing DVD's. However, I know winter can be hard to put those feet forward. Hoping the three P's get you motivated!

  4. I agree that those are three "P"rofitable "Ps" for both physical and spiritual endeavors. The Word of God is so very practical and full of His wisdom. What a tremendous blessing we have in this country to be able to freely read His Word.

    I know what you mean about getting out when it's so cold and snowy. It's great that you found a rebounder and have weights indoors where it's nice and warm ; )


  5. Rebecca, I haven't had a chance to tell you how I did last week with my little 5 day discipline. I found it to be very easy for the most part. My "plan" was to eat fruit, veggies, a little yogurt and a little peanut butter for breakfasts and lunches, and then I had a regular supper. No desserts and just modest helpings. I did have 3 slices of whole wheat bread during the 5 days. I also kept a daily log to keep myself accountable. I ended up losing a net of 2 pounds but I gained, as you said I would, a ton of confidence by just setting and achieving a small goal. This week I've just been aware of what I'm eating, not on any particular plan. Exercise is difficult right now but I will work on that later. This week I've lost another pound just by being self-contolled (for the most part) and I hope to just keep taking some small steps to healthier eating until I can add exercise and restock my cupboards and fridge again! Thanks for the inspiration...I really feel much better in such a short time!

  6. Rebecca, this is a really wonderful blog! Good for you! The sayings on the right hand side are awesome, too. You ARE an inspiration. Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  7. Love the 3 P's, and have finally gotten back to my exercise after not being able to walk for weeks. Just keep up the good work you certainly motivate me.