No, Virginia, It Isn't the Weather

Remember  "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus"?

After confessing that I'd lost my groove, I received  a lot of speculation that the culprit was the weather.  Oh, how I wish  that was true! The end would be in sight, if that were so.  It would be just a matter of a few weeks until I would get my groove back.

Sadly, a closer evaluation has eliminated the weather as reason for my lapse.  I give you my truth in the form of a list.  I warn you, it is graphic!

1.  2 pieces of peanut butter pie.  Thick pieces.
2.  2 medium Dairy Queen Blizzards - Georgia Mud Fudge
3.  A carton of frosting.  That's right.  Cake frosting.
4.  1 small piece of Dairy Queen ice cream cake (it was a celebration!)
5.  Neglecting to do 30 minutes of indoor exercise at least every other day.  If I exercise every day for the rest of the month, I will end up close to that goal.
6.  Irregular meals and lack of planning.
7.  Fazolis.  4 breadsticks in one meal.
8.  Too few fruits and vegetables.

No, Virginia.  It isn't the weather.   And now that I know, I will be more intentional and focused.  Note:  I exercised 30 minutes today and have eaten no frosting, Blizzards or peanut butter pie.


  1. I just saw this new posting and I'm laughing as I sit here, at your list!! GIRL... that was a serious diversion, and I ought to know... I've had more than my share, and they read just as wild as this list!

    Hugs for such an honest post, and the refusal to blame it on the weather!!


  2. Rebecca, I am not one to judge anyone but oh my gosh who can eat a carton of glad you are more focused my dear friend, for someone so tiny you sure can put the food away..........:-) Hugs

  3. Well, good for you! It's like falling off a horse and getting right back on!

    Remember, a set back does not mean failure. You've picked yourself up, you've brushed yourself off, and you're good to go! Hold your head high!
    Love to you,

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  5. Hi Rebecca...
    No one knows this...but one day when I was craving ANYTHING but healthy... I opened a large bag of Lays Potato chips and over the course of a week... ate the whole bag... It was my naughty after-school snack indulgence. (Not what I normally do to myself...but they were my "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" moments)

    Glad you're back on track...
    *I bought 4 bags of chips "for the kids" when they visit... There are 3 more down in the basement pantry---they were on sale...
    Never again!

  6. Bernie, this was over a period of about a week. Maybe a little more. I opened the frosting one day when I couldn't find anything else sweet in the house. Over a period of days, I ate the entire thing.
    I know. It's gross!

  7. Love your honesty Rebecca :)

  8. Appreciate your honest heart sweetie, good for you getting back on track.

  9. Rebecca, you are SO refreshingly honest! I would never do the frosting thing because I don't care for the store bought kind, but bring on the peanut butter pie and then some! I hate those days when I want something and go rummaging through the cupboards and fridge. I've been known to make and eat an entire pan of rice krispie treats before anyone even knows about it.

    I've thought of you a couple of times when I've discovered a good healthy treat. Have you tried Fiber One's key lime pie yogurt? It is really good on top of fresh fruit. Feels very much like you are eating a dessert.