"In other words, grooming, hair care, and matters of personal style rank right up there with eating your veggies and hitting the gym."   
So wrote Sally as she guest posted at Coveted.  It's a post well worth reading, in my opinion.

As I began to establish healthy patterns of eating and exercise, my wardrobe needed some adjustments.  I was able to wear styles that I hadn't been able to wear before.  I took new interest and pleasure in grooming, hair care, and matters of personal style.

This all happened about the time I discovered blogging.  Keeping this health blog up to date has played a huge part in the success of my weight loss efforts.  Now, it serves to keep me on task while maintaining my new habits.  Similarly, my "thrifty style" blog has helped me analyze and enjoy the new size and styles of clothing I am now able to wear.

These two blogs of mine work in tandem to keep me "on track" and committed to my goals to be the best me I can be so that I can be a credit to God who created me in the first place!


  1. Me too Rebecca! Blogging, fitness, buying wisely, it is all part of who GOd wants me to be, and I am interested in all of it!



  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you for your prayers and concern.
    Yes, folks with prosthetic joints have to be careful not to allow any infection in their bodies because the artificial joints can't detect or fight it off very well.
    I had both of my knees replaced in 2003 (at the same time!) so I am not a "newbie" to all of this. Praise GOD, HE has seen me through these 3 dramatic surgeries. Today is my last day with the physical therapist that comes to my home.
    I'm looking forward to doing some outpatient visits and finally getting in walking shape again! But patience is still the order of the day. I see my surgeon on March 4th and hopefully will be able to drive soon after.
    Sooooooo glad that the hardest stuff is behind me! Blessings to you, my stylish, trim friend!

  3. You are such a wise, and very beautiful lady.

  4. Rebecca, I think you are very inspirational. You help me make the determination to make THIS the year to finally get off all the weight. Now or never! NOW!!!!! Sincerely, Susan from

  5. Loved both blogs today!!! The best part about losing unwanted weight is finally fitting into clothes that not only look good but have upped my confidence level!