Over ten years ago, I was on a small "speakers' circuit".  (That doesn't mean I was small - but that the circuit was small compared to  those of "big time" speakers.)  There was a  statement that frequently wormed its way into several of my talks on various topics.

Today it wormed its way into my mind.  Now, when I was speaking, I could give certain words the right inflections to convey the message.  I'm not sure if I can accomplish it in print, but here goes:

You don't DO what you do because you FEEL like you do...you FEEL like you do because you DO what you do!  

Understand?  I'm "getting it" in a big way lately.

Speaking of worms, if you haven't read any of Richard Scarry's books, find yourself a child (your inner child will do), get yourself a copy or two and prepare to chuckle. 


  1. Good quote. I need to copy that and tape it to my mirror, my refrigerator, my computer, my office door, and...well, you get the idea.