Give Me This Mountain!

The Motivation to Live Well for today - 3/21/2010 - reads:  Imagine your goal at the top of a mountain. You’ll never reach it if you don’t start climbing.

Since the sail and wind images of the past week needed another visual push, I'm adopting this one.  I'm visualizing my mountain as 14 miles high (one per day, culminating on Easter)!  I will be recording my "climb" each day (God willing)--  not for anyone else but myself.  Of course, you are welcome to climb along.

This afternoon I'll spend a little time planning my climb checking out all my equipment.  My official climb begins tomorrow morning before the sun rises in Indiana!  

The goal (top of the mountain) is to get the sugar out of my system and return to days of primarily eating vegetables and fruit and exercising for 30 minutes per day/5 days a week.  Hopefully those practices over the next two weeks will result in an approximate weight loss of 5 pounds.  

Joshua 14:12 (Caleb speaking):  "So now give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke on this day...The Lord will be with me, and I shall drive them out just as the Lord said."


  1. I'm hiking right along with you!
    Starting tomorrow and culminating on Easter Sunday. May our climb rejuvenate our spirits as well as our bodies. "To Live is CHRIST and to Die is Gain."

  2. OH! Rebecca, how I want to get sugar out of my system and house, but have not found the will power to do so. I am being honest here. I will be contemplating this today, and praying as well.
    I am however keeping up with my exercising, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, It just that I live very happily with a sweetie , that enjoys sweets.
    Again my best to you as you climb this mountain. I so applaud you for being so diligent, which I feel is a virtue.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Great post and a very encouraging idea! I would also love to do this right along with you! It's a good way to become healthier and also in the spirit of lent, to prepare for Easter!
    Good luck to you Rebecca!

  4. Climbing along with you, Rebecca! I've been off sugar since March 1. I can't say that I won't consume it in the future again; Hopefully, it will be eaten in substantially smaller amounts :-)

    Not eating refined sugar (I do consume fruit) has made a considerable difference in my mood, energy levels and weight loss (8 more pounds to a healthier BMI!)Where I miss it most is in my morning coffee. Yet, no cup of java (sugar-sweetened) tastes as good as "thin and fit" feels!


  5. Ok, you've managed to challenge me again! How do you do that? I will climb with you. See you at the top!

  6. Me too! Oh friend, I could do so much better regarding my health and discipline. I missed it today, but I'm on it tomorrow. I'll try and be accountable here.