The Climb - Day 5 - "The Art of Resting"

From our reading in Streams in the Dessert Volume 2 this morning:  "The art of resting at noon" (Song of Solomon 1:7) "has been lost, and many are succumbing to the strain of  life which is being lived in 'high gear'.  Rest is not a sedative for the sick, but a tonic for the strong."

All around me--sickness; sadness; discouragement!  REST, my friends!  How many of our illnesses, how much discouragement, how many stresses would be avoided if we consistently rested?

In the word of Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, "See that your clock does not run down!"  (I realize for many of younger readers, the idea of a clock running down is a strange allegory!  Most watches no longer need wound.  Few clocks need winding.  But this hasn't changed--the body needs rest.)


  1. Like you, we often get sick because we don't rest...and then we're forced to by our sickness!! I'm so glad I happened upon your blog....I so very much enjoy reading your wise comments!!!

  2. how true, how very true. when i was a young mom with 3 kids, an older woman told me she rested every day, even if for just a few moments as long as her children were home.

    Even when they didn't take naps anymore, my children came in for quiet time in the afternoons in the summer and the neighborhood kids knew they could not knock on the door if the red baseball cap was hung on the back doorknob.

    i rested, like my older friend told me to, every afternoon until the kids were in school. Sometimes it was to stretch out on the couch at the beginning of the quarter hour and relax until the announcer came on the all music easy listening radio station on the next quarter hour. I can't imagine it any other way. yes, rest is for the STRONG, not the weak! carol hiestand

  3. I agree. Resting doesn't have to mean literally taking a nap. Sometimes it means taking a break from things like the news, the computer, talking to other people, etc. For me it often means just finding a quiet place to be alone.

  4. Rebecca, I know when I don't rest enough, I get very unhappy and discouraged. A good night's rest is the solution to the problem. Then I can look at life optimistically again. Sincerely, Susan

  5. I once heard a Christian speaker say that one evening she was feeling terribly sad and discouraged. She crawled into bed, drifted off to sleep, and woke up the next morning feeling so much better! A little self-analysis revealed just what you said--she was not getting enough rest. A good night's rest may not cure everything, but it makes a tremendous difference in our perspective/attitude, our ability to handle the stresses that come our way, our ability to stay healthy, AND our success with weight loss. (Hmm, I think I need to get more rest!)

  6. Oh Rebecca how true...
    It seems to be all around us. I keep thinking of that old Alabama song, I'm in a hurry to get things done,..oh I rush and rush until lifes no fun.. all I really gotta do is live and die but I'm in a hurry and dont' know whyyyy. Okay- I know it's not a christian song but isnt it the way life is?
    My husbands' grandfather was a very Godly man and every day after lunch he would lay down on the couch and close his eyes for just a bit. He lives up in his 90's and was quite spry, and sharp as a tack.
    Btw... I love your excercise log. I love to go walking our pastures and hope I can get an IPOD soon so I can listen to the speakers from the women inspired conf.
    Hope you're havin a great sabbath. I better get busy.. have little chicks to get out of the incubator this afternoon.

  7. So true, so true. For me just taking "rest" in the Lord has turned my days around. Fortunately, not ill, just so many little challenges. Some days, it's easy to cave and feel defeated. But I'm finding one step upon another and taking pause in genuine surrender, results in a new morning with a day begun refreshed.

    I'm loving this "climb," Rebecca. It's so much easier without the added "baggage" that I'd carried for so many years.

    Rest and be renewed Good Lady,

    Hugs, Jean