The Climb - Day 8 - Encountering the Unexpected

The "unexpected" has crossed my route to the summit!  It has come in several forms - including computer glitches that reveal how important blogging has become to me in journaling my weight management experiences!  It is almost impossible for me to upload pictures to my blogs.  Just now, when a spell check indicated a problem, uploading the correction sent the computer into a tizzy!  (I chose another word instead.)  I simply have despaired of blogging for the time being.  But the climb MUST go on.  I will adjust and continue.

A second "unexpected" is how having our two grandchildren with us the past few days has affected my schedule.  The control I thought I had over my time and energy expenditure has been compromised.  (It's called "grandparenting", I think).  They will be returning home tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I will adjust and continue.

Adjust and continue.  That is my mantra for today!  Fellow climbers, how are YOU doing?  


  1. Hi Rebecca....Hope the computer glitches disappear today. As for climbing, I'm definitely adjusting and continuing! Sometime the climb feels like Mount Everest! But I'm trudging forward. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Rebecca not only am I unable to download pictures but am unable to see pictures on all other blogs I have visited......"blogger we have a problem" I am sure they will correct it soon.....:-) Hugs

  3. I can't see any headers, or any
    kind of pictures for that matter,
    on any of the blogs I read.

  4. Hang in there Friend!
    Your mantra is so positive.
    I know you'll reach the top!

  5. Ive had glitches as well. I STILL have 1 lb to go to reach my Easter goal. No excuse--no grandkids to interfere. I will just keep climbing!

  6. All is well here, dear Lady! I can easily identify with the feelings that ensue when *glitches* and other unexpected challenges arise.

    It took me YEARS before I could see how the pattern of "cause and effect" wreaked havoc with my eating and fitness. The moment I felt threatened by not be able to do my job or finish a project, I'd immediately find myself craving foods my body didn't need and wasn't even hungry enough to consume.

    Didn't think I could honestly say this: I am enjoying the climb! Truly! It has resulted in a feeling of accomplishment despite some overwhelming odds.

    Glad you had a good time with the kiddies! I admire your fortitude; being around the little ones ALWAYS makes me want to have 'treats' along with them! :-)

    Hugs, Jean