The Climb - Day 9 They did it ALL!
In observing and entertaining grandchildren the past few days, I've had plenty of opportunity to move in new, colorful ways!

Sometimes "the climb" gets boring and the main view is the hard rock of the mountain side.

But seeing all the options out there for kids,  I'm determined to add some new, colorful options to my "climb"!

Just this past week I heard that the 30 minute of exercise a day once recommended has now been expanded to 60!  The coming of warmer weather brings with it many opportunities for extra minutes of  colorful climbing for me.

I want to keep exploring, keep moving, and keep my sense of wonder at all the new things waiting for me out there!


  1. You're so inspiring!!! I really like the AHA's recommendation of 30 minutes at least 3 times a week...that's much more attainable for me!!! Keep up the wonderful posts!!!

  2. Hi Rebecca...Just got back from a half hour of laps followed by a very good aqua aerobics class. And it's a cold, dark, gray, miserable rainy day so I'm glad I MADE myself get out for the swim.

    So glad you had fun with your grandchildren. I don't have any but have heard they are great fun. Sincerely, Susan

  3. Playing can be exercise, especially when grandkids are involved! Yeah, I read about the 60 minute thing too. I'm still trying to get the 30 in consistently!

  4. Oh my I have a hard time getting my 30 minutes a day in, however would I find another 30. You lead and I will follow somehow my friend..Hugs

  5. Grand kids are a great and fun source of exercise. When I was a full time mom I was skinny. I think I will need to break my exercise to 30 min. in A.M. and hopefully another 30 min in P.M. if I can get motivated enough.

  6. Oh golly, I heard that "rumor" too about the increase to 60 minutes - lol! Well, it can't hurt.

    Your attitude is terrific, Rebecca. You'll continue to be fit and vibrant, especially given your love of learning and trying out new ideas!
    Hugs, Jean

  7. I read that same thing! And this was the first year I was thrilled to turn our clocks ahead so we would have more daylight! Still moving up that mountain as well!