Wind for my Sails

 Sometimes I just need reminders--short, pithy ones.... Here are some I recently culled from  Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food and The Omnivore's Dilemma.  (I am not a vegetarian.)
1. Don’t eat egg salad from a vending machine.
2. Don’t eat anything that took more energy to ship than to grow.
3. If you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry
4. Avoid snack foods with the “oh” sound in their names: Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Ho Hos, etc.
5. No second helpings, no matter how scrumptious.
6. It’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor.
7. You don’t get fat on food you pray over. (Meals prepared at home, served at the table and given thanks for are more appreciated and more healthful than food eaten on the run.)
8. Breakfast you should eat alone. Lunch you should share with a friend. Dinner, give to your enemy.
9. Never eat something that is pretending to be something else (artificial sweeteners, margarine, etc.)
10. Eat until you are seven-tenths full and save the other three-tenths for hunger.
11. Japanese simple rules in preparing each meal: GO HO – incorporate five different cooking methods, GO SHIKI – incorporate five colors, GO MI – incorporate five flavors.
12. Remember: each additional bite is generally less satisfying than the previous bite. So slow down, savor the first bites, stop eating sooner.
13. When drinking tea, just drink tea.  (Don't be distracted while eating.) When you’re eating, don’t talk about other past meals, whether better or worse. Focus on what’s in front of you.
 I selected all of these for my personal improvement, but #s 10 and 13 are very important for me to practice right now.  How about you?  Any of these?  Or have you another "wind" blowing YOUR sails?

-5# IN 21 DAYS


  1. I love #4!!! I don't turn to junk food anymore and I am allergic to chocolate but occasionally I do pack an individual baked cheetos bag in my lunch.
    All of these are great reminders to continue healthy living!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Rebecca I have to start following these rules, I have snacked constantly all week as well as cooked several huge meals for many. I have just got to get a hold of this weight issue....Hugs

  3. I like #3 and #4, OH those OH's!!!! These are all good, and I agree, I like little one-liners that I can think about and remember!

  4. Michael Pollan reminds us of simple and solid approaches that make a huge difference in our health - and so do you, Rebecca :-)

    Thanks for posting these. I definitely get my toe caught on #5 and #10 . . . and sometimes #13! There is a noticeable difference how I feel after eating a meal mindfully.

    Good stuff!

  5. Love 'em. :)

    By the you mind my asking how tall you are?

  6. Sandy, I'm 5'5" and 61 years old :)

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    What great hints! #3 and #9 really struck me.
    I'm continuing to struggle...having let carbs back in, it's sooo hard to eradicate them!!!
    Praying that your week will be a blessing. =)

  8. I love your list Rebecca and it's a good one except I have to take a stand for # 4 as my son is a Frito Lay representative!
    Love Di ♥

  9. I absolutely love your list!! Good andvice for any of us. Do you mind if I use it as well for those in my BL program?