After walking briskly for 30 minutes around the peaceful grounds of the Victory Noll Center in Huntington, IN, my husband and I walked meditatively around the 11 circuit labyrinth that lies just outside the main building on the campus.  
The Center is currently offering its facilities for use between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Thursdays at no charge.  After being outside for awhile, we sat at tables overlooking the labyrinth and sipped coffee while we read.  After finishing the coffee, we spent a little time in the well-supplied and comfortable library.
We left feeling refreshed and ready to re-enter life in the "real world".  We may make this a weekly pilgrimage.  Do you have a favorite place to walk that you return to frequently?


  1. Oh Rebecca,
    Just reading your post was calming!
    What a special place to rejuvenate body and spirit. For me, the beach is a beacon of calm.
    Hubby and I used to drive over on Fridays when people are working and kids are in school.
    We need to start up again!

  2. Again a beautiful place to visit,

  3. Sounds like pure bliss.....I need to get outside in the fresh air and walk.....:-) Hugs

  4. What a special place to walk. I am glad you added the spiritual benefits with the physical. I will have to share that with my friend. There is a lovely park near me that I have thought about trying. I am limited on how far and how long I can walk, I need a place to sit in between. I don't want to make you blush...but I am so inspired by you. :)

  5. My sacred place is a lake by my house in the winter and botanic garden's cafe in winter. Mondays mornings are my sacred time. the last time i agreed to be on a conf. call at 9 am on a Monday Morning, i completely forgot it. I simply am not available then. Occasionally I will switch the morning for the afternoon. During the time My mom was so sick, I really lost my normal rhythm and it's taken awhile to get back again. I misssed it, but it was one of those times when God was present in the chaos!

  6. Rebecca,

    I just found your blog(s) this evening and have been enjoying reading through your journey -
    How inspiring (and inspired) you are!