As promised, here are the pictures of our outdoor 30-minute walk.  We headed north - about 20 miles north of our hometown.  After checking out a thrift store, we asked about a good place to walk.  "Bixler Lake,"  we were told!  It was a beautiful place to get our exercise.  The lake was still frozen. 
You can see some ice fishermen behind me!

Our path took us toward the high school where a bunch of Canada geese were enjoying the sunlight!  They are the dots in the picture below...
I think the entire town of Kendallville had this kind of streetlight.  I thought they were charming,  We WILL return.  There were many more paths, trails and neighborhoods to explore.  It will be interesting to see the lake when the snow has melted.  Gary and I hope to walk together at least once a week throughout the spring and summer.  We 'll return to some favorite places but also want to discover new towns, neighborhoods and parks.


  1. It's a beautiful day here, too. It's hard to get my hubby to walk with me because he has some trouble with his legs...but he volunteered today!! I was thrilled to get to walk with him...for 45 minutes...and boy is my body feelin' it!!! Thanks for posting the pics!

  2. Such fun photos! Wish I was along for the walk!
    I drove to my office last Friday with the doctor's okay, but then felt pain in the thigh of my operated leg. So have backed off a bit. Patience is a virture I struggle with at times! Thank you for your prayers.
    I NEED to get back on a healthy eating schedule. Those blasted carbs have overwhelmed my diet again. =(
    But GOD will help me get a grip!

  3. My first thought was, "Rebecca, where are your SOCKS?" LOL!
    Well it is a sunny day here today, but still only 25 degrees. If it gets up to the predicted 48 maybe I will take the two grandchildren around the block, pushing the little guy in his stroller. I am SO ready for spring! These pictures are so nice. We also love these picturesque towns!

  4. Hee hee hee...I think I looked at your shoes because I remember one time last year you had a picture of a walk and you had on some pretty but thin soled sandals and I wondered how you could walk 30 minutes in them! I have BAD feet so I have a hard time walking any distance in anything not too supportive. No you are NOT showing your age! You are looking younger all the time! You go, girl!

  5. so did u get your dose of new to blog..I already enjoying it..I have never seen a frozen!!

  6. I'm a walker too! Even on the days when I don't feel like doing it, if I just get started, I get into it, and it ALWAYS makes me glad I did it! It's a beautiful day in Texas too!