"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob.  He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his path..."  (Micah 4:2)

My "path" is not just a diet or exercise plan.  It is a higher path I'm traveling.  It's sort of hard to explain.  It is not a temporary quest.  It is an eternal one.  It is closely entwined with my experience of God and the conversion of my will(power) that came about when I yielded to my "Higher Power".  (Incidentally, my Higher Power is not just an intangible source of motivation and energy.  He is a real and incredible Person with sure and life-changing power.) 

My ulterior motivation is not to lose 5 pounds or even attain a reasonable level of fitness, though that is an expected side benefit.  My ultimate motivation is experiencing the thrill of the climb that comes from learning and walking in God's path.

I've been there before.  Then I took a side-trip that seemed pleasurable to me --blizzards, a piece of pie or two, being lazy about exercise, and ignoring the scale.  God's way FOR ME (not telling you what it is for you) is to walk a different path.  And it is a good one (just not so sweet-laden).

So far today, I've exercised (E);  planned meals/food for today (F); and drunk 16 oz. of water (W).  I'm loving this path!  The climb has begun.  My equipment is minimal (E, F, and W).


  1. Thanks, Denise. I've only just begun (again).

  2. Doesn't it always feel good to begin these things? I'm sure you will do wonderfully on the rest of the "climb" as well. I also began due to what you wrote and it feels good and I agree, if I lose weight or if I become healthier, that's great but not the entire point as you said.

  3. I like how you have made this a journey or a "climb" as you put it. It's a good analogy for the process.